Our History

Mark Twain Forest Products is is a privately owned corporation located in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest. Our family has been in the timber products industry for four generations. When we opened our plant in Centerville, Missouri in 1983, we simply operated a sawmill. Our sole purpose was to supply the pallet and steel industries with quality lumber and dependable service. We did this for many years successfully and we sincerely believe that this was due to at least in part to keeping inventory at a level that catered to our customers needs.

In the early 1990's we added a package saw for some of our pallet customers who wanted us to cut-to-length for them and shortly thereafter we invested in equipment that allowed us to fill some niche markets in the steel and steel related industries. These were products like: coil saddles, wedges, chock blocks, etc... Since that time we have sold material that is planed, beveled, diagonally split, grooved, notched, drilled, chamfered, and just about anything imaginable.

In November 2008 we installed a small dry kiln/heat treat chamber in response to some of our customers needs. Up until that time all of the lumber we sold was green, not kiln dryed. We offered heat treating but it had to be outsourced. The art of drying wood can have a long learning curve, so we hired dry kiln expert from a major furniture manufacturer to teach us that skill. His knowledge allows us to ensure that our drying and conditioning process is the absolute best possible. We continually monitor each load by splitting packs of lumber and double and even triple checking the moisture content. We also continue to do stress tests with each load of lumber to ensure that we are producing the highest quality lumber possible.

In the soring of 2009 we added a planer, dip chain gang rip and a small moulder. These equipment purchases have enabled us to expand our customer base to inculde cabinet shops, staircase manufacturers, high schools and custom furniture builders.