Wide Plank Flooring

If you are looking for a furniture quality plank floor crafted in a eco-friendly manner for your home. And if your wanting a floor that's something special, then we invite you to look closely at our product. Whether your looking for clear or character, up to 8" wide planks, aged or antiqued, oak or pine, etc., give us a try. We feel confident that you will like what you see: craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail. These are qualities that describe a custom plank floor created by Mark Twain Forest Products.

Only The Best Will Do

We own our own small sawmill, and as we saw the logs into lumber we hand grade it into various stacks. If the lumber is going to be made into furniture, cabinets, or one of our custom plank floors, we immediately put it into a special stack. Normal sawmill flooring lumber doesn't meet the criteria for our furniture grade plank floors. Normal flooring lumber is put into a separate stack that goes to one of the big flooring companies. One reason our plank floors look like fine furniture is because they are made out of furniture lumber and we treat it that way throughout the entire process. We take many extra steps to ensure that our furniture lumber is handled as the valuable resource that it is.

This furniture lumber is stacked with specially machined "stickers" between the layers to allow the moisture to slowly and gently start leaving the boards. We then treat the ends of the boards with a wax based product that helps keep the ends from splitting as they dry. Next we put the lumber into a building that we specifically and uniquely designed and built to protect the lumber from exposure to the effects of the sun and wind. When the time is right, we take the lumber out and put it into our own lumber kilns where we monitor the moisture content of the lumber daily. Unlike many flooring companies, we kiln dry our lumber with painstaking care. We use a process called "alternate heat dump cycle" or "AHDC". We have found that this process gives us brighter colored lumber with less defectsand higher workability. The AHDC process also uses less energy which has a positive effect on the environment. We are so concerned with the quality of our product, that we consulted with the former dry kiln engineer of a major furniture manufacturer for his idea of the perfect drying processes. As all woodworkers know, better quality lumber makes a better product.